Squad Servers

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Squad Servers

Post by VALOUR » Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:28 pm

Seems to be a fairly small number of AU/NZ squad servers out there. What servers are you playing on?

BigD servers seem to be popular, I think by default because they, along with a couple of others are Australian, so they are going to get the lion share of Aussie players.

They released an update to repair some FPS issues, but the update appears to have effected server stability - I wasn't on a server for anymore than 5 minutes yesterday before the server crashed. Every server is effected it seems.

Still a lot of twelvies ruining the squads as well. A LOT of CoD players thinking that frontal assaults are the way to go; squad leaders not knowing how to put down rally points, or just neglecting to, and just not providing any direction to their squad members.

Hopefully things will improve overall soon.
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