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Donations button live

Postby FlakSabbath » Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:24 am

I don't like doing it, but a number of people have suggested it....

So I have decided to enable this plugin on the website, but will keep the button small and unobtrusive. (top right menu)

If you would like to help out then you now can, no big deal if you dont though!

All costs are currently covered by myself, but will be looking shortly to add a couple of older mature members to the Skanky team....

This website WILL grow, and the game servers are already very popular (Ro2 #25 WWR, KF2 #32 WWR, BF4 #320 WWR, ARKSE #169 WWR etc etc)
I will look to add another dedicated box as it grows over time as well, but need to balance this with the current demands, and obviously new game launches.

Again, thanks for those that would like to donate, if you would like to help in other ways then feel free to PM me.... Money is not everything aye!


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