Useful BF4 sites / advice

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Useful BF4 sites / advice

Post by SneakyNZ » Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:16 pm

Just thought I'd drop some websites/pages/tips that can be useful when playing BF4, I'll add more as I find them. Feel free to post some and I'll add them to the list! :)

Weapon Stats:
Useful tips:
Useful tips:
Useful tips:
Nvidia guide:
Sync guide:

I'm happy to provide advice to anyone too, feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them I have no secrets and my mantra is to always give more than received. Veteran from way back in 1942 here!

BF4 General Settings:
Graphics Quality: Custom
Texture Quality: Ultra
Lighting Quality: Medium
Effects Quality: Medium
Post Process Quality: Low
Mesh Quality: Ultra
Terrain Quality: Ultra
Terrain Decoration: High
Antialiasing Deferred: Off
Antialiasing Post: Off
Ambient Occlusion: Off
FOV: 75
Brightness: 60
Vertical Sync: Off (FreeSync/GSync enabled if possible)

Processor: Intel i7 4770K @ 4.5Ghz (Hyper-threading disabled)
GPU: EVGA Titan-X 12 GB
Memory: 32GB @ 2.8Ghz
Monitor: ROG PG278Q (1ms, GSync, 2k, 144hz, 27")
Mouse: ROG Gladius (2000 dpi, 2000hz, 0.5ms)

BF4 Configuration:
Place the below content in user.cfg inside Battlefield 4 root directory: i.e. E:\Origin Games\Battlefield 4
Offers minor improvement to 'standard' automatic settings BF4 uses, helps with fps and subsequently drops internal latency, minimal quality loss.

GameTime.MaxVariableFps 140
PostProcess.DynamicAOEnable 0
RenderDevice.Dx11Enable 1
RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable 1
RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1RuntimeEnable 1
RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 1
RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0
Thread.MaxProcessorCount 4
Screenshot.Format png
WorldRender.DxDeferredCsPathEnable 0
WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 0
WorldRender.MotionBlurEnable 0
WorldRender.MotionBlurForceOn 0
WorldRender.MotionBlurFixedShutterTime 0
WorldRender.MotionBlurMax 0
WorldRender.MotionBlurMaxSampleCount 0
WorldRender.MotionBlurQuality 0
WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapEnable 0
WorldRender.SpotLightShadowmapResolution 256
WorldRender.TransparencyShadowmapsEnable 0

Set: Thread.MaxProcessorCount to your physical core count (not threads).
Set: RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 1 for least internal latency, comes at a significant fps cost (monster PC recommended), 2 works well.
Set: WorldRender.LightTileCsPathEnable 1/0 this is dependent on on what's bottle-necking your PC i.e. CPU or GPU, one will yield more FPS.
Set: GameTime.MaxVariableFps at or above your monitor refresh rate, higher will produce the least internal latency but may process frames you may never see fully.
Note, I have lowered mine a few frames because of a G-Sync bug at or above the monitor refresh rate see:
Happy to add or remove settings as needed, I will update them here. Feel free to discuss.

Nvidia Control Panel (if you use Nvidia GPU's)
Go to Manage 3D settings:
Mutli-display/mixed-GPU acceleration: Single display performance mode (if you only have a single monitor)
Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance
Preferred refresh rate: Highest available
Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias: Clamp (minor fps improvement when moving a lot, i.e. quick-scoping :P)
Texture filtering - Quality: High quality

Other suggestions:

Disable CPU Core Parking (Google it, there's a number of useful tools to do this, will significantly decrease micro-stuttering)
Disable Hyper-threading (Google it, only if you have a multi-threaded system, useful if you're not using the additional threads for CAD/Photoshop work, will marginally decrease micro-stuttering)
Disable SuperFetch service (If using only SSD's, will disable some unnecessary memory caching mechanisms)
Run in elevated command line: "netsh", then "interface", then "tcp", then "set autotuning=disabled" (Ensures windows doesn't automatically change your packet send sizes during a session, can reduce network related stuttering)
Run in elevated command line: bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes (Reduces DPC latency, helps with Audio related stuttering)
TcpAckFrequency 1 (Google it, will help with games that use TCP to send some packets)
TcpNoDelay 1 (Google it, will help with games that use TCP to send some packets)

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Re: Useful BF4 sites / advice

Post by SneakyNZ » Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:32 pm

Stub post for any update detail....

08/12/2015: Added Nvidia Tweak guide link
01/12/2015: Initial post
29/12/2015: Add some interesting findings to GSync and FPS related config

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