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BF4 Server Added, more UT servers shortly (after update)

Posted 23/6/2015

Lots of little tweaks here and there, added mchat to the forums, and managed to get it working. BF4 server up and doing well, Kiwi players seem to be appreciating the Server a lot! Waiting on latest UT build before I add other servers, bit of a headache currently, as not 100% stable, but certainly improved on when I first put the DM server up. CS:GO server being removed shortly, due to lack of use, will put something else up :)

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More UT Servers coming shortly :)

Posted 15/6/2015

Should have the map travel bug sorted on DM server, have not seen it stuck on this for 24hrs now, Will try to get Duel, TDM and CTF server up shortly, still working on HUB, but want the servers to run "correctly" first! Taking requests for Duel Server maps on the forums now....

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Skankyflat Unreal Tournament NZ Test Server live today

Posted 9/6/2015

You read that correctly yes! Check your game browser tonight hopefully for the Skankyflat DM Test server!

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Skanky Game Servers up now!

Posted 8/6/2015

Recently added Killing Floor 2 server, and CS:GO server as well as a Skankyflat TS3 server.

Feel free to test these out, we are currently looking at a Dedicated box from the same provider, so feedback appreciated.

More servers to come :)

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Old Skanky logos are back!

Posted 4/6/2015

As you can see the old Skankyflat logo has been salvaged ! Props to Spiggy and Doogie.

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SQUAD: Kickstarter Campaign launched!

Posted 2/6/2015

SQUAD has gone out to Kickstarter, definitely worth checking this one out if you like reaslistic FPS that require tactics and teamplay! 

Have my eye on this one myself, and as its Unreal 4 engine, it has to be good aye?

Check out the video

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Game Update - Unreal Tournament

Posted 1/6/2015

New game build feels nice, movement really feeling good, weapons feel good, still finding it hard to adjust too after BF4! 

Translocator still needs a bit of a tweak IMO, hard to judge for telefragging.... Shock combo ball's hard to judge distance wise, and seem a bit nerfed compared to the originals (Might just be rusty old me though....)

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