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Battlefield 4

Release Date: Oct 2013.
Developer: DICE
Publisher: EA

About the game

Battlefield 4 is the latest true Battlefield game, with a huge following and player base. Fly jets and Choppers, drive Tanks and AFV's or roll as an infantry squad, get into the fight your way...


 Check out a short video of some in game action


Unreal Tournament

Release Date: TBA.. Open pre alpha currently
Developer: The UT Community
Publisher: Epic Games

About the game

Unreal Tournament is a work in progress currently, being built on the latest Unreal Engine, and developed in conjunction with the UT community.

Following on from the original Unreal Tournament (affectionately known as UT'99), Unreal 2003 and UT2K4...

Old school Arena Based FPS, twitch reflexes, fast paced, wall jumping.... The only thing that separates you from your opposition is your skill.

Click below for a preview of where the current build is at