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Skankyflat is back!


Some would say that this is possibly long overdue....

Welcome back to Old school members and newbies alike.... 

This is my first attempt @ a website and forums from scratch, so very much a work in progress.... is not for profit or commercial gain, purely for the enjoyment of all things Unreal,

Done for Nostalgia reasons, with the pending release of Unreal Tournament 4.

Be sure to register on our forums to win $1.50 worth of Gummy Bears


ARK SE Server live now!

Rust Server Live now! 

100 Slot Mumbles and 32 Slot TS3 live now!

 BF4 Servers! 

UT4 Hub, Max 16 Servers live now!

Red Orchestra 2 Vanilla Server Live now!

Killing Floor 2 Server Live now!

Ye Olde School Gaming Community

Free Clan forum setup! Just ask :)



 Old SchoolOld School


 Where it all began... R.I.P JSG!



The Early logo.... <3